Cliff Stright

    What began as enhancements to personal travel journals has evolved into oceanic and coastal images that resonate with people who question their own personal wanderlust.

    Born in Nova Scotia quite a while ago - a self-taught photographer and a life-long sailor and vagabond.

    The passion of my life is the sea. I love the grandeur of the world’s oceans.

    I am fascinated by the results of applying rapidly evolving technologies and the relationship between camera and computer to fine art. When an image turns out really well it stirs emotion in the viewer and an ever-deepening wonderment. Photo Based Art has the potential of bridging the gap between photography and painting. I like it when viewers walk away and then return several times as different aspects of the image materialize.

    Since 2007 my pictures have been displayed in galleries in Vancouver, Brentwood Bay, Sydney, Victoria, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Parksville and in collections in Edmonton, Seattle and Laguna Beach, California. Twice was awarded the ``People`s Choice Award`` (2008, 2009) at Ladysmith Art Gallery’s annual multimedia show.

    In the last few years the business side of fine art photography has undergone a metamorphosis. With the universal availability of point and shoot digital cameras.it is no longer enough to present pretty pictures that are technically correct. Today the image must supplement the "Wow Factor" with a firm tug to the viewers emotions.

    The images in the following galleries are available in a variety of media and sizes. Just click the add to cart button and follow the instructions. If you would like to discuss other options e-mail me at cwstright@gmail.com

    Please respect the copyright on all images.